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Fuel Monitoring

Remote Fuel Monitoring solution can be accessed from anywhere via laptop. It gives you feature-rich fuel monitoring or consumption in a flexible and powerful way.

Mostly suitable for Heavy vehicles since it normally uses with Diesal vehicles.

CANBUS Sensor Method

Utilize this method need the vehicle brand, model and year of manufacture before connecting to its CAN bus.

Once connected and configured, most Vehicle Dashboard data will be fetched by CANBUS adapter and it can display in GPS application and as result you can see Fuel consumed, Filled or theft data with report.Accuracy depends upon data provided by vehicle CANBUS Module.

Digital/Analog LLS Fuel Sensor

Using LLS Fuel sensor it need to drill a hole in Fuel tank and install to recived data related your fuel consumption but 98% accurate than any methods.

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Inbuilt Vehicle Sensor

Using Data from inbuilt fuel sensor we get data depends on fuel sensor quality due to its a floating sensor mostly equipped on vehicle and we get Volatage diffrence on variation of fuel consumption.

  • All functions controlled with easy, calibrationcan be done based on Fuel Tank models.
Services include:
  • Current level/amount of fuel in liter in a fuel tank.
  • The re-filling quantity with date/time.
  • Alarm at defined events
  • One software for a large variety of monitoring solutions
  • Logiical Paramere converted Fuel in Litter or percentage
  • Tank Calibration can be done for any model Fuel tanks
  • Reports

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