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SIRA Rental Car Tracking Service

As per Dubai RTA Rental cars to be fixed with GPS and SIRA Approved secure path certification GPS system managed by Dubai Protective systems (SIRA). We also part in approved vendor for providing GPS services with certifications.

Reduced car theft

GPS tracking system for your vehicle will significantly reduce cases of theft. If a criminal suspects that a car is fitted with GPS tracking system, they are less likely to target it. This is a good reason for you to fix your cars with GPS tracking systems.

Geofencing vehicle route

any time your rental vehicles leaves this area, you get alerts on your mobile device. If you haven’t authorized the driver to go beyond this area, then you can always act accordingly to inquire for explanations. If the car is stolen, then you have a better starting point to follow.

Rental Vehicle Recovery

GPS tracking devices fitted on your vehicle will give real-time information about your vehicle. What this means is that you can always be able to act rapid and recover your vehicle. GPS tracking gives the police an easy time combating the crime.

Rental car driver behavior monitoring

Aggressive driving is going to give off bad impression. It can as well be very dangerous to the driver and the vehicle. GPS tracking keep record of the driver’s harsh acceleration and over speeding.

Payment collection and Immobilization

GPS plays a major part in collecting payments from clients incase not doing payments on time companies are immobilization the vehicle remotely till client make payment.

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