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Established in 2008, our online based Ecommerce business setup in Dubai. We devlop solutions and have been widely used in fleet management, car insurance UBI, telecom industry, car rental business. As leading integrater we focusing on the end customer GPS telematics demand and solutions. We currently serve Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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Leading by example

See your fleet in real-time and historically, Understand how your fleet is being operated, Reduce your fuel, labor, and other operating costs, Improve organizational risk and driver safety.


Have you ever called for a service and the technician shows up with a overlap schedule? Have you ever had an experience where a technician has a bad attitude or is rude to you? Have you ever had a technician that acts like he wants to be somewhere else? We know we have!


Managing a fleet can be stressful and sometimes frustrating. Our Fleet Software eases your workload by providing visibility and actionable insights that drive results for your organization.

Increase fleet visibility, monitor daily operations in real-time and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase accountability. We feature:

  • See where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch and optimize your fleet.
  • See where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch and optimize your fleet.
  • vehicle preventive maintenance and and documents renewals.
  • Monitor and coach driver behavior to increase fleet safety and mitigate risk.
  • Asset management devices
  • Authorized distributer for supply products and Service Center

More than 10 years of experience

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Mission & Vision

Services vision
The Services, as a company, will continue to place our client's needs above all else. As we grow our client list we will maintain our personal assurance to each client.
services mission
The principal corporate objectives are to provide an exceptional level of service to customers, close and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, rewarding and satisfying careers for employees and growth of the company asset base whilst at the same time making a worthwhile contribution to the region and its environment.

Our Team


With twenty years of experience in the Telecom industry

Yousuf M
Auto Technician

Charles have education in Auto Electrical Maintanance

Sheji CS

As a lead of the company sets a high standard of organization

Irfan M
Auto Mechanic

With ten years of experience in the Auto industry

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