Based on your needs

Live Monitoring on Map

universal gps tracker can be used to monitor the vehicle or asset's movement online. When the asset moves this will draw a blue line which will show the trail of the actual current movement. This is useful for applications like Call Taxis and Emergency Fleet Service operators to monitor and dispatch vehicles quickly.

Route History / Play Back

universal GPS tracker keeps the history of the vehicle's movements accurately. The users can play the vehicle's movements for the past few days (up to 2 months) and find out the exact nature of movement or route taken by the vehicle. The route history reports are also downloadable in PDF/Excel/XML and Google Earth (KML) formats.

GEO Fencing & GEO Corridor Driving

universal GPS tracker has strong GEO fencing capabilities. Users can mark a way point or draw an area or draw a route with a tolerance limit and then configure alerts if the fence is breached.


universal GPS tracker has many types of alerts like Over speed, Idle time, Ignition ON/OFF, Area Reach and Exit, Vehicle service reminder alert, etc., The alerts are generated by the use of latest technologies like Complex Event Processors. This ensures that the alerts are generated within few seconds of receiving the data from the vehicles.

Alerts via SMS and Email

universal gps tracker Alerts are delivered both via Email and WEB SMS(External), giving 99% delivering guarantee within 1 minute of the alert being generated.

Detailed Reports on HTML, Excel & XML

UGT reporting system give you the ability to download detailed reports on single day and selected period detailed reports like Trips, Distance Traveled, Excess Idle, Engine ON/OFF, monthly report summery you can either keep this as a drivers Attendance and log book.

Sensors for Fuel Monitoring for Light vehicles and Heavy trucks.

We will provide additional advance facility like Fuel monitoring and fuel theft alarms in reports.... more

Remote Engine Cut off or Immobilization for Rent a Cars.

We can configure device to control engine ON/OFF remotely on emergency, or entering or exiting Geo Fence or marked boarder area automatically especially for Rent a cars by SMS and over the web.

Temperature Monitoring for refrigerated Trucks.

We can Install Temperature sensors and monitor on reports online and we can provide alerts if its exit or enter configured range as per clients need.

Driver ID with authorized driving.

We can provide authorized driving with additional i Button keys to start Vehicles for controlled driving in multiple drivers sharing single vehicles on shift schedules with supported driver reports, reduce overtime payments and Track Traffic Fines.

Garmin Integrated route Planning and Navigation.

Garmin integrated route dispatching module which can navigate drivers to the destination by pointing on map remotely and 2 way text message communication without any extra cost. Suitable for distribution companies who can sent and deliver orders without collecting order from office physically, job dispatcher can send order over the Garmin Screen and increase productivity.

School Bus Tracking and attendance monitoring.

Install GPS on School Transport and generate real time tracking and reports based on RFID readers and Cards supplied to school students, Online monitoring App for parents and schools authorities in real time.more

School Bus Tracking

Why should you use universal GPS tracker ?

Tracking: You will know ?when and where of vehicles?.

Helping you to save cost.

Monitoring: Details on usage of vehicle, mileage etc.

Enabling quick decisions.

Security: In relation to theft etc.

Offering peace of mind.

Optimization: Reduction of fleet size for a given route.

Leveraging your competency.