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Posted by L.N. Joy on 18-Jul-2015.

Article about practical use case of universalgpstracker GPS Vehicle Tracking discussed in business line.

This article explains about how a user can use the

  • » GPS TRACKER-YOUR EYE IN THE SKY A GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) is a soft ware tracking device which can be used to determine the exact location of a vehicle, person or any such body to which it is attached and subsequently to record its position or location at regular intervals. This position is either stored in the device itself or transmitted to a central station equipped with internet and a GPRS radio which shows the location on a map live or when analyzing the track afterwards. The Food Control Department of Dubai has recently introduced GPS tracking to its food establishments like meat shops, super markets, and other food factories to ensure their full coverage in terms of inspections, as well as reducing time and petrol in searching for such establishments. The GPS tracker is available through scores of agencies in the UAE. There are trackers for specific uses. A vehicle GPS tracker is needed by users who require to take photos. Their quality and specifications depend upon the users range and needs. A GPS Personal Tracker is used for basically keeping track of children, adults and elders, personal effects like cars etc. They can also be used for motor cycles. Real Time or Live GPS monitoring and management software is available for large fleet GPS management for upto 20,000 units. GPS units should be installed through the service provider taking proper care that they are put behind the stereo and near the steering wheel ( away from radio wiring), with a constant supply of 12 volts power even when the ignition is off. Under no circumstances the power should dip below 9 volts. The GPS antenna should not be covered or blocked by metal, the best position being the wind shield of the vehicle, firmly secured so that they do not shift and cause communication issues. Check that the system is working before closing the dash. Depending on use cost of GPS trackers vary. The Chinese GPS trackers are cheap and widely available., especially their Car GPS tracker which is mainly used for anti-theft, and recovery as well as employee tracking solutions.